My Celiac Journey: A Nutritionist’s Revelation

I’ll never forget the day I got the news. I was sitting in my doctor’s office, listing off my symptoms like a broken record: endless bathroom trips, crippling stomach cramps, and a scale that seemed stuck at 99 pounds. Everyone around me thought I was battling an eating disorder, but I knew something deeper was … Read more

Strategies to Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting

Maintaining weight loss can be a challenging journey, especially for individuals over the age of 40. The body’s metabolism tends to slow down with age, making it easier to regain lost weight. Additionally, improper weight loss methods can lead to muscle loss, further complicating the situation. Yo-yo dieting, characterized by cycles of weight loss followed … Read more

Understanding Cortisol: The Key to Balancing Health and Wellness

In the intricate orchestra of hormones regulating our body’s functions, cortisol plays a pivotal role. Often dubbed the “stress hormone,” cortisol is crucial for our survival, but its importance extends far beyond managing stress. From inflammation control to blood sugar regulation, sex hormone balance, and thyroid function, cortisol orchestrates numerous physiological processes. However, when cortisol … Read more

Unlocking Optimal Thyroid Function: Beyond Traditional Norms

Introduction: The intricate dance of thyroid function profoundly impacts our overall vitality, influencing metabolism, energy levels, and even mood. However, relying solely on conventional “normal” ranges may overlook the nuances of optimal thyroid health. This article delves into the significance of achieving optimal thyroid function, exploring why a holistic approach, including assessing Free T3 and … Read more

Navigating Elevated TPO Antibodies: Insights from Recent Patient Cases

Introduction: Hey everyone, I’ve been deeply engaged in the realm of functional nutrition lately, especially when it comes to thyroid health. This surge in interest is partly due to my recent encounters with several patients grappling with elevated Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) antibodies. Their journeys have shed light on the significance of this often overlooked issue, … Read more

Holistic Nutrition Arizona

Things About Holistic Nutritionists You Might Not Be Aware Of More and more contributors to our cutting-edge society are realizing that there are troubles with our typical lifestyle and food plan. The prevalence of obesity has escalated to epidemic levels. According to many surveys, the prevalence of chronic degenerative issues is steadily increasing. How is … Read more

What is the Functional Medicine Approach to Diet?

Are you tired of hopping from one trendy diet to another, hoping for a magic solution to your health woes? Do you find yourself frustrated by the lack of sustainable results and wondering if there’s a better way to nourish your body? If so, enter the world of functional medicine for weight loss- a game-changing … Read more

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