About Me

Andi Coffee, MS, MA, LDN, CNS®, NBC-HWC, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist | Board Certified Nutritionist | Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Andi Coffee is an esteemed professional in the field of nutrition, holding multiple credentials that showcase her expertise. As a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS), she brings over 19 years of experience to her practice. Additionally, Andi is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, further enhancing her ability to guide clients towards optimal health.

Andi’s approach to her work involves delving deep into the root causes of her clients’ health issues, utilizing a Functional Medicine perspective. Her dual Masters Degrees in Nutrition and Functional Medicine and Human Service Counseling, coupled with certifications in Weight Loss, Behavior Modification, Tobacco Interventionist, and WellCoaches, attest to her comprehensive knowledge and commitment to holistic care.

Through evidence-based research, Andi empowers her clients to achieve their ideal level of wellness. Her proficiency extends to a wide range of health concerns, including hormone dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, gut disorders, and weight management.

While Arizona serves as her home base, Andi provides virtual consultations to clients throughout the country. For those seeking in-person visits, she offers her services in Anthem, Arizona.

Education, Licenses & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition

From Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona

Master of Science in Nutrition & Functional Medicine

From University of Western States

Master of Arts in Human Service Counseling with emphasis on Life Coaching

From Liberty University

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

WellCoaches Certified (HWC)

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN)

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (LDN) I am licensed by the states of Maryland and Florida. You might be wondering why I am licensed in these states since I live in Arizona. Nutrition laws vary by state, Arizona does not offer or require licensure for Nutritionists.

Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

CNS is a nationally recognized and board-approved certification that requires a master’s degree, completion of a 1,000-hour supervised internship, and passing a robust exam.

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